About Us

Working for Our Schools

The Wyoming School Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was established by citizens who recognized the need for private funding in the public sector. The Foundation exists solely to support the Wyoming City School District, and is led by a volunteer Board of Trustees representing a cross section of our community.

Funds raised through the Foundation benefit students by providing access to programs, technology and educational experiences not funded by tax dollars. The Wyoming School Foundation supports the tradition of excellence in education for every Wyoming student, beyond the district's existing funding.

A volunteer board of trustees and executive committee oversee the Wyoming School Foundation. Daily operations are managed by a development director and business manager. Many volunteers, alumni and the Wyoming community support the efforts of the Foundation every year. 

Board of Trustees




Brenda Beeson Pantalone '89

VP Budget & Finance:

George Igweta

VP Marketing:

Pam Geller

VP Operations & Admin:

Laura Bence

VP Development: Rachel Hodesh '89


Laurie Hoppenjans





Alyssa Adkins

Jim Barre '72

Jon Boss '54 Lara Guttman Berkemeyer '98

Caroline Bohme

Robyn Brown Dow '90

 Mike Grimmett

Ken Heldman '81

Brad Lenning '95

Jon Randman '86

Michelle Steed

Amy Susskind '91

Jeroen van Leersum

Cheryl Tommelein Wood '76

Chris Woodside '97  





Development Director:

Alex Bason Guest '87

Business Manager:

Jeri Rominger







Tim Weber

Superintendent, Wyoming City Schools

Suzy Henke

Director of Communications, Wyoming City Schools





Scott B. Crooks (1943-2009)

Peter Guggenheim

Dorothy Lang (1920-2010)

Dorothy F. Mantel (1929-2005)

Terry G. Marty

Frank T. Purdy (1913-2001)

Harry J. Weaks (1917-2007)



Andrea Herzig

James Hilb

Keith Kleespies III

Gerald Korkin

Lauren Patch

Alan Schriber

Steve Wilson