Master Educator Legacy Endowment

Supporting Outstanding Performance 

The Master Educator Legacy Endowment (MELE) is a permanently restricted fund within the endowment. It seeks to connect the educational values of Wyoming's past with the hope and possibilities for the present and the future.

The MELE will recognize and reward excellence in those teachers, administrators and support staff of our schools whose job performance and service have been outstanding and who have contributed greatly to the success of the overall educational mission and climate of the Wyoming City Schools.

The MELE will also provide funds for outstanding visiting educators to enhance the professional development of the teachers and administrators as well as the educational experience of our students.

It is fitting that these Endowment goals are achieved in the name of three legendary Wyoming master educators: Mary Lou Culp, B.S. Bradbury and Ferol Betz.

Award for Excellence

In honor of Mary Lou Culp, English and Spanish teacher and Guidance Counselor 1941-1973, this annual award recognizes staff members who have consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in teaching or administration over a three-year period. The Culp Award pays tuition, travel and living expenses for advanced or specialized studies, conferences and workshops.

Scholar-In-Residence Program for Professional Development

In honor of B.S. Bradbury, teacher and High School Principal 1938-1965, the Bradbury Program pays the expenses associated with hosting outstanding scholars-in-residence. These visiting experts will provide intensive lectures, workshops and programs to enhance the professional development of our teachers and administrators.

Guest Lecture Series

In honor of Ferol Betz, speech and social science teacher 1939-1953, the Betz Series funds extraordinary educators and presenters whose lectures, creative demonstrations and unique programs enhance student education and the development of critical thinking skills. The Series reflects a global view of our world including current events, international cultures, diplomatic priorities, world economy, foreign languages, historical events and more. Grades K-12 benefit from and participate in the Betz Series.

To make a contribution to the Endowment, please contact the Foundation Office at 513-821-6909. Your contribution will continue the tradition of excellence and provide educational opportunities for many generations of Wyoming students. Thank you for your support.