Wyoming Poker Hunt

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Welcome to the Wyoming Poker Hunt

A new fun family event that will let you explore Wyoming in a socially safe way while competing to win fabulous prizes.

April 25, 2021 ♦ 1pm to 5pm ♦


What is a Poker Hunt?

Hints, clues, images are provided to find 5 POKER HUNT locations

♦ Discover all 5 locations to receive an envelope at each containing a mystery playing card, collecting a full poker hand of 5 cards

♦ Turn in all 5 envelopes to reveal and record your poker hand

  Best poker hands will win!

Participate with your whole family! Each person can play their own hand.  $15 to register the first hand and each subsequent hand on the same registration is only $7. 

Get out and explore Wyoming with these two options to select from: 

$15 Village Explorer - If you want a simpler activity, have small kids, or just want to stay in the village, choose the Village Explorer option. REGISTER HERE

$15 High Adventurer - If you want a longer distance challenge to walk/run/bike/drive you might want to choose the High Adventurer option. REGISTER HERE

Poker Hunt t-shirts are available during registration for an additional cost. 

To be safe during the current situation, participants can find their 5 locations in any order and can complete the hunt anytime between 1 - 5pm.