Wyoming Poker Hunt

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Wyoming Poker Hunt

A new fun family event was held on Sunday, April 25, 2021.  155 Participants explored Wyoming in a socially safe way while competing to win CASH prizes. 

It was a perfect sunny spring day for a great community event. Families, groups of friends, grandparents, grandkids, and empty nesters all competed for cash prizes by collecting the best poker hand. Each participant solved clues to find 5 different Poker Hunt locations and at each location collected a poker playing card. Their 5 cards were revealed at the end to discover the winning hands. 

MANY THANKS to Lara Berkemeyer and Mike Grimmett, co-chairs, and the Poker Hunt committee for planning this brand new event.  And thanks to all the volunteers to helped make the event run flawlessly. 


List of Winners:

Place Winner Winning Hand
1 Lindsey van Leersum Full House - 8s + 10s
2 Reece Berkemeyer Three of a Kind - Aces
3 Tim Broderick Three of a Kind - Qs
4 Cailin Cooney Three of a Kind - Js
5 Tonya Nkhata Three of a Kind - 9s + K
6 Corbin Maupin Three of a Kind - 9s + 7
7 Christine Marty Three of a Kind - 6s
8 Lisa Nocks Three of a Kind - 5s
9 Alix Setters Three of a Kind - 4s
10 Ashley Whitely Two Pair - Ks + 7s

  What is a Poker Hunt?

Hints, clues, images are provided to find 5 POKER HUNT locations

♦ Discover all 5 locations to receive an envelope at each containing a mystery playing card, collecting a full poker hand of 5 cards

♦ Turn in all 5 envelopes to reveal and record your poker hand

  Best poker hands will win!