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Imagine students without the technology and resources to reinforce critical learning and enrichment opportunities to help them explore and grow, and the academic support they need to thrive in a global environment.

The Wyoming School foundation exists to provide funding beyond the Wyoming city School District's existing allocation. Every year, our community, alumni, friends - and especially our sponsors - give generously to support 2,000 students, 1,200 families, and 150 teachers in our schools.

Since 1965, the Wyoming School Foundation has helped bolster our schools through immediate and endowed funds. The difference our partners make benefits our schools by creating exceptional learning opportunities for our students, keeping up with the rapid pace of change, and fueling our shared desire for excellence and success in our schools.

Your Sponsorship

We believe your market and our audience are a perfect match. We want you to feel great about your decision to partner with the Wyoming School Foundation!

Please use the menu to select your level of engagement with our community that will bring the most benefit to your company.

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Sponsorship Terms

The 2023-2024 sponsorship agreement is effective and applies to the events listed from now through June 30, 2024.

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2023 - 2024

The Benefits to You

Ensure the loyalty of your existing customers and resonate with new ones - all while you help create thousands of life-changing and enriching  moments that will impact our children's lives today and into their future.

As your partner, the Wyoming School Foundation will help you market your business by:

Events & Leadership Team

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