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The Rise of Wyoming Chess

Chess is one of the oldest games in history. It brings people together from different cultures, ages, and backgrounds over a common passion for the game.

What began as an extracurricular club at the Middle School, the Wyoming Chess Club now includes a wide age-range of students from 5th – 12th grade and officially joined the Greater Cincinnati Scholastic Chess League two years ago. Thanks to leadership by Don Gieseker, Wyoming resident and chess fan, the club has grown quickly and now has a total of 65 student members with an average weekly attendance of 35.

Last year the club held internal championships for 5th grade, 6th grade, varsity, and speed chess. In league play (7th-12th grades), the Wyoming Chess Team won the CHL division, and then moved on to defeat St. X in the playoffs and tied Milford for the League Championship.

Don is grateful for a grant from the Foundation that provided 10 chess sets and 6 chess clocks for the club. “It was a successful year for the Wyoming Chess Club, with bright prospects for the future!”

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