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Every Cowboy Counts

For years, the primary students have participated in a program known as “Everybody Counts,” where once a year, each grade level would learn about a different disability (visual, auditory, developmental, etc.). Everybody Counts was so widely supported, it has now been redeveloped into a yearlong program called Every Cowboy Counts.

A yearlong program broadens the scope of disabilities covered and will increase awareness for all students. Every month throughout the school year a different topic will be covered, including learning, visual, auditory, intellectual, orthopedic, emotional, multiple, speech & language, and sensory-related disabilities. The Foundation was pleased to provide funds to purchase books for each primary school and staff to support this program.

“The goal is to create an awareness and understanding of the differences and unique traits of individuals while celebrating all people,” says Tracy Quattrone, Director of Pupil Services. “This expanded understanding will benefit both our learners with disabilities and our learners who do not have disabilities.”

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