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Keep Calm & Carry On

Trustees from the Foundation and Alumni Association are supportive of the decision to merge. “We are excited to move forward as one organization as we strive to continue to serve the Wyoming City Schools,” says Jim Barre ’72, WHSAA President, “but this has not been a fast process. There are many matters that need to be considered and addressed to combine into one organization.”

“We are taking our time to thoughtfully and carefully explore the many options, while considering the best structure, methods, and processes to sustain the future of Wyoming City Schools,” says Brenda (Beeson) Blunt ’89, WSF President. “When there is a comprehensive plan in place to merge both organizations, each Board (Wyoming School Foundation and WHS Alumni Association) will vote on the merger.”

“Almost a decade after our Affiliation, we are confident our strong working relationship will lead to a smooth merger of these two longstanding entities,” believes Jim.

Follow along with us over the next several months as we explore the relationship between the WHS Alumni Association and Wyoming School Foundation, our strengths, and why we feel becoming one organization will enhance our ability to engage donors & alumni, serve our schools, and advance our mission.

If you have any questions or curiosities, please email or

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