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Leaving a Legacy

The seniors in Club HOPE (Help Our Planet Earth) wanted to leave a legacy at the high school to help spread their message of protecting the environment to younger generations. Their idea: an outdoor classroom.

The seniors believe that an outdoor classroom at the high school that is accessible during school hours will connect students with their environment. It will help educate and spread the message to all students who come through the Wyoming school system to be more environmentally conscious.

The classroom, which is in the final stages of construction, will have a semi-circle of twelve stone seating boulders with one stone boulder in the front (amphitheater style). It will be an example to the community of an environmentally friendly landscape.

The senior leaders in Club HOPE appreciate the support of the Foundation to help fund their project. “We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to build this classroom and leave a legacy before we graduate. Thank you!”

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