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Let’s Talk About You, Our Faithful Alumni & Community

Combining the Foundation and Alumni Association into one organization will have minimal impact on alumni, donors, and community members. Some may not even recognize the difference.

“Development and alumni relations will continue to be a primary focus area for the new organization,” says Brenda (Beeson) Blunt ’89, WSF President. “Our goal as a merged organization is to use the methods currently in place and provide innovative approaches to promote further donor relations and alumni engagement.”

“Communication will continue, but with a unified voice,” says Jim Barre ’72, WHSAA President. “Services and communications will originate from one source. This will facilitate greater outreach, reduce redundancies, and provide more opportunities to connect with our schools and each other. We believe a united force will have better collaboration and utilization of resources.”

Follow along with us over the next several months as we explore the relationship between the WHS Alumni Association and Wyoming School Foundation, our strengths, and why we feel becoming one organization will enhance our ability to engage donors & alumni, serve our schools, and advance our mission.

If you have any questions or curiosities, please email or

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