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Strength & Perseverance

“Since the Affiliation, the Foundation and Alumni Association have increasingly worked together,” says Brenda (Beeson) Blunt ’89, WSF President. “Their commitment to serve both alumni and our schools has resulted in shared services between the two organizations that has promoted better messaging to all alumni and improved operations.”

Jim Barre ‘72, WHSAA President agrees. “We feel the similarities in mission and overlapping aspirations between organizations places us in the perfect position to leverage our individual strengths into a combined organization. Operating as one organization will allow us to increase alumni & community engagement and encourage philanthropy to sustain the future of Wyoming City Schools.”

Follow along with us over the next several months as we explore the relationship between the WHS Alumni Association and Wyoming School Foundation, our strengths, and why we feel becoming one organization will enhance our ability to engage donors & alumni, serve our schools, and advance our mission.

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