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We're Better Together

“It’s been almost a decade since the Foundation & Alumni Association formed an Affiliation and began their collaboration,” says Jim Barre '72, WHSAA President. Brenda (Beeson) Blunt '89, WSF President adds “In that time, it has become increasingly evident to us the strength that a shared relationship might provide.”

Over the past two years, a committee made up of both Foundation and Alumni Association members has been exploring the possibility of uniting both organizations into one. Together, and with positive and encouraging feedback from both Boards, they have been sorting through the critical questions, decisions, and finer details of merging organizations.

“We believe a collaboration between both organizations will build on our history and the work of those who have guided both the Foundation and Alumni Association since their founding,” says Brenda. Jim agrees, “We envision that a unified, comprehensive organization will allow us to better serve both our schools and alumni, with the overarching goal of keeping alumni connected to each other, our schools, and community.”

There is a lot of thoughtful care and discussion involved. The committee is making great progress, but still has more work to do.

Follow along with us over the next several months as we explore the relationship between the WHS Alumni Association and Wyoming School Foundation, our strengths, and why we feel becoming one organization will enhance our ability to engage donors & alumni, serve our schools, and advance our mission.

If you have any questions or curiosities, please email or

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