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2023 Graduation

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Taking a moment and reflecting back on what a great weekend we had. The weather Saturday was perfect for the graduates and celebrating families. We love the graduation traditions such as having the alumni classes precede the graduate procession and the flower arches held up by younger classmates and siblings. It's also tradition for the Foundation to provide complimentary water bottles at graduation and it's our pleasure to do so and be a part of the celebration.


  • Alex Guest, Kristen Holland & Kim Stewart pass out complimentary waters.

  • Longtime Wyoming teacher, Mrs. Adrienne Morris, grabs a picture with one of her previous Hilltop students, Corrie (Pagliaro) Carswell '93. Corrie's son Grant is a WHS 2023 graduate!

  • Walt Cordes '96 & Carrie Smith '76 (also retiring high school art teacher) led the Classes of 1953, 1963, and 1973 on behalf of the WHS Alumni Association.

  • Alumni from the Class of 1953

  • Alumni from the Class of 1963

  • Alumni from the Class of 1973

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